Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bouquet Bracelets

Looking for some Bling-Bling for your wedding? Check out our diamond-like pins, individual initials for your bridesmaids bouquets, rhinestone cuffs and bouquet wraps. Featured in this photo are the Hollywood Glam Rhinestone Cuffs.  Stop at the website to see our other options.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pearls For Weddings By The Sea

Necklaces are a dominant accessory used to accent any outfit, whether it be for a wedding or other special occasion.  At WeddingFactoryDirect, their assortment includes necklaces for anyoccasions. Necklaces are offered in gold or silver, with Swarovski Crystals, rhinestones, a number of different pearls, stones, or beads.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bling for the Bride's Bouquet

What is bouquet jewelry? It is a crystal or rhinestone accent attached to a flexible metal pick that can be easily inserted into your bouquet. It's an easy way to make your bouquet as memorable as your wedding day. This site offers bouquet jewelry in flowers, hearts, initials, buckles, color accents, butterflies, and starfish. They have it all.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Simple Pearls Make A Statement

This small ball crafted from gold and pearls is the perfect accent for a simple outdoor wedding or even a dressier one.  Whimsy Treasures on offers this and many other handcafted necklaces perfect for both the bride and for bridesmaid gifts. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Caring for Your Pearls

Many brides wear pearls for their wedding but have no idea how to care for them.  The Pearl Doctor has developed a Pearl Spa Cleaning System that is safe for your pearls and your skin and is eco-friendly.  It will thoroughly clean your cultured pearls, napier pearls and costume pearls and almost any variety of real or faux pearl jewelry. 

Impurities build up around the drill holes of pearls.  Stringers and jewelers will tell you the drill hole where the string goes through the pearls is where dirt builds up and begins to erode the pearls causing irreversable damage.  The Pearl Doctor's system removes dirt and soil from the entire pearl including this tiny area.

Your wedding pearls will be some of your most treasured jewelry so it's worth investing in the proper care for it.  The website also sells storage bags and boxes for your pearls.  Pearls should be stored separately from other jewelry so they aren't damaged.

Also remember hair spray is particularly damaging to your pearls. Aways wait half an hour before putting on your pearls after using hair spray or makeup.   And remove your pearls before removing make-up. According to the Pearl Doctor "A good rule to remember: ALL PEARLS Last On – First Off."  This will help protect your pearls from damage.

To purchase go to:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Etsy Does Pearls

Etsy jeweler Fleur DeIrk at: has incredible unique pieces to wear on your wedding day.  Etsy has a variety of jewelers offering something for every bride and every budget.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Noaki Jewely--Unique Etsy Strikes Again!

Noaki Jewelry has some beautiful jewelry for your wedding day. Notable is a bouquet that the designer made for her sister's wedding from old brooches. Noaki also has some great 'hair jewelry' and necklaces too.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiaras are Tops

Brides this season are topping off their look with a tasteful tiara.  Favors By Serendipity offer a wide selection of attractive tiaras for you to choose from at

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Conflict Free Diamonds at Brialliant Earth -- a True Symbol of Love

If you're looking for a diamond for your engagement or wedding ring that is from a leader in ethical diamond jewelry, Brilliant Earth, based in San Francisco grew out of a marriage proposal of Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg. When they could not find a reliable source that could guarantee conflict free diamonds, they created Brilliant Earth to provide certified conflict free diamonds as an alternative to current diamond industry practices.

Brilliant Earth is now the global leader in ethical diamond jewelry. They offer the bride and groom a choice of conflict-free diamonds from Canada & Namibia, ethical origin sapphires, and eco-friendly gold, platinum and sterling silver. Their jewelery is made from superior materials and shows elegant craftsmanship. Brilliant Earth is dedicated to ensuring that every single gemstone is mined, cut, and finished in a socially and environmentally responsible manner so you can rest assured your engagement or wedding ring is a true symbol of love.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Insuring Your Rings

Many brides-to-be and newlywed believe their rings are covered under their homeowners policy. To their great dismay they later learn that this is rarely true. MIke Malley, vice president of Personal Lines Operations at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company in Neenah, Wisconsin from Jewelers Mutual says: “Many people still have the false impression that their jewelry is fully covered by their homeowners policies. What they don't realize is that unless their loss is from fire, theft, or some other cause specifically mentioned in their policy, it may not be covered.” Also coverage for theft of your jewelry generally is limited to $1,000. If the loss of jewelry occurs due to a burglary, this limit will not provide nearly enough coverage if a $5,000 ring is stolen, along with the rest of your jewelry.

Theft and fire aren't the only worries regarding your jewelry. According to Maley, more than half of all reported jewelry losses are partial losses, from the loss of a single stone to a chipped diamond. Many people are surprised to learn that everyday activities, like washing dishes in a ceramic sink or playing a physical sport, can cause these types of losses.

On Jewelers Mutual's web site, Stacey B., from Jonesborough, Tennessee tells how she chipped her diamond while playing with a dog. “Ack! I was heartbroken,” she wrote in her blog. While partial losses like this one typically are not covered by a basic homeowners policy, Stacey was fully covered with her policy from Jewelers Mutual. The company’s specialized jewelry insurance policy provides some of the broadest protection available, including coverage for damage, loss, theft, and even mysterious disappearance

With affordable rates,jewelry insurance is well worth the cost. “You would never drive your car without making certain it was fully insured,” Maley said. “Why take a similar risk with an expensive item that is so easily damaged or lost?”

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bustle Bling

Bustling your wedding gown is always a chore but rhinestone bustle clips will add sparkling decorations at each place your gown is bustled. These beauties are really small rhinestone, pearl, or zircon pins that decorate your bustle over the hooks that really hold it in place. Sets start at around forty dollars and go up from there.    

Somone Else's Bling? Rent a Rock, Is It For You?

If you want to make a big splash with a fancy diamond necklace or glittering bracelet, consider renting your jewelry for your wedding. Web sites like will literally deliver diamonds to your doorstep! Their web site shows a variety of earrings, bracelets and necklaces perfect for your big day. Simply choose your jewelry from the web site, check out using your credit card, and your jewelry should arrive 2 days prior to your wedding. It is insured and you just send it back in the mailer provided at the UPS store the first business day after your wedding.

Other sites offer jewelry to rent, but Adorn has some of the nicest selections I've seen. This isn't going to be cheap, I won't kid you, but you can look like a queen, or at least a movie star.

Welcome to Bling for the Bride

Bling for the bride will cover any and every accessory for your wedding day that sparkles and shines! We'll leave the engagement and wedding ring choices to you, this blog is for everything else that glitters.  So sit back, read, and prepare to be dazzled!