Sunday, January 8, 2012

And She Wore Bling In Her Hair

Photo courtesy of weBEgirls web site

Sometimes a little bling goes a long way.  Consider adding just a touch of bling to a simple black hairband.  In the photo above the bride is wearing a simple hairband (likely just a black ribbon from the craft store) with a slide of rhinestones, the same kind sometimes used on the belly band of wedding invitations. 

Purchase belly band rhinestone buckles from your favorite craft store, EBay or your local paperiere, and take you wedding day hairstyle from simple to chic.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pearls--Updated For Today's Bride

Are you a modern bride who loves the classic look of pearls but want it updated? Try this baby pearl knot bracelet. This cuff bracelet sold on Open Sky made of tiny pearls and gold has the sophistication of Coco Chanel but updated for the 2011 woman. Wear it with your wedding gown but then wear it everywhere else you go too! Chic with a cocktail dress or worn with a glitzy top and pants. However you wear it, at $55 it's a steal! A beautiful steal! Timeless, stylish, inspiring! Buy it now because it won't last forever!