Monday, April 5, 2010

Caring for Your Pearls

Many brides wear pearls for their wedding but have no idea how to care for them.  The Pearl Doctor has developed a Pearl Spa Cleaning System that is safe for your pearls and your skin and is eco-friendly.  It will thoroughly clean your cultured pearls, napier pearls and costume pearls and almost any variety of real or faux pearl jewelry. 

Impurities build up around the drill holes of pearls.  Stringers and jewelers will tell you the drill hole where the string goes through the pearls is where dirt builds up and begins to erode the pearls causing irreversable damage.  The Pearl Doctor's system removes dirt and soil from the entire pearl including this tiny area.

Your wedding pearls will be some of your most treasured jewelry so it's worth investing in the proper care for it.  The website also sells storage bags and boxes for your pearls.  Pearls should be stored separately from other jewelry so they aren't damaged.

Also remember hair spray is particularly damaging to your pearls. Aways wait half an hour before putting on your pearls after using hair spray or makeup.   And remove your pearls before removing make-up. According to the Pearl Doctor "A good rule to remember: ALL PEARLS Last On – First Off."  This will help protect your pearls from damage.

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