Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Conflict Free Diamonds at Brialliant Earth -- a True Symbol of Love

If you're looking for a diamond for your engagement or wedding ring that is from a leader in ethical diamond jewelry, Brilliant Earth, based in San Francisco grew out of a marriage proposal of Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg. When they could not find a reliable source that could guarantee conflict free diamonds, they created Brilliant Earth to provide certified conflict free diamonds as an alternative to current diamond industry practices.

Brilliant Earth is now the global leader in ethical diamond jewelry. They offer the bride and groom a choice of conflict-free diamonds from Canada & Namibia, ethical origin sapphires, and eco-friendly gold, platinum and sterling silver. Their jewelery is made from superior materials and shows elegant craftsmanship. Brilliant Earth is dedicated to ensuring that every single gemstone is mined, cut, and finished in a socially and environmentally responsible manner so you can rest assured your engagement or wedding ring is a true symbol of love.


  1. Too late! I already have my diamond! You should put this on a 'dating seriously' blog!

  2. Bella too funny! Mine are conflict free, fiance knows me well!